Easy Guitar Scales and Modes

by Matt Warnock

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1 GuitarmastaX79 10 Aug 29, 2012 01:36 PM permalink ↑reply Native Instruments Traktor ProWelcome to my Blogs Do not forget to check it every day! If You should find any files not found, please PM me Download Download: Best Software for All Tomorrowland2: Video Training Pluralsight Tutorials: All Pluralsight Videos EbookSA: Best Ebooks Graphic World: Best Graphics Android Softarchive.net Collection Pack by Snorgared Download from free file storage Resolve the captcha to access the links! Registered members don't get captcha and popups I don't get how all these lessons in modal music don't have a single example of modal tunesGlad to see someone has cleared all that up And thanks for telling me when to use them, never really clicked beforeWhen doing so, you produce the intervals b9, #9, and b13, but without the major 3rd.Because its missing the 3rd, Phrygian has an open sound, and is a powerful alternative to the altered or Phrygian dominant scales over 7th chords.Phrygian FormulaNow, youll alter one note in Aeolian to create Phrygian fingerings on the guitar.Phrygian is built by lowering the 2ndof Aeolian by one fret on the guitar.You can see this formula, along with the interval layout for Phrygian, in the following example.Click to hearPhrygian Mode 1Phrygian FingeringsHere are four Phrygian fingerings that you can practice to take this mode to the fretboard.As well as working these fingerings with a metronome, use this C7 backing track to practice soloing over a dominant chord with Phrygian.Click to jam over C7C7 Backing TrackPhrygian PatternHeres a practice pattern based on ascending 3rd intervals that you can work withPhrygian.Put on a backing track and solo using Phrygian, inserting bits of this pattern where appropriate to spice up your improvisations.Click to hearPhrygian Mode 2Phrygian LickHeres a phrase that you can learn as you apply C Phrygian to the V7 in a ii-V-I progression.Click to hearPhrygian Mode 3 Locrian ModeThe final mode, the 7th mode of the major scale, is calledLocrianBecause its used over tonic maj7chords, its one of the most important modes.Make sure to learn the fingerings, work the pattern, and take Ionian to the soloingside of your routine to fully grasp this mode.Ionian FormulaTo build Ionian and its fingerings, youre going to compare it to LydianNow you are playing E PhyrgianThis article explains major and minor scales with accidentals, but calls them modesWith any rare mode, dip your toes into this sound, see how it sounds to you, and go from there.You never know when an uncommon mode makes its way into your playing, so see how this mode fits into your ears.Harmonic Major Mode 7 FormulaTo build the seventhmode of harmonic major, you compare it to Locrian.Harmonic major 7th mode is built by lowering the 7th note of Locrian by one fret on the guitar.Here are those two modes back to back for you to practice and listen to as a comparison.Click to hearharmonic major jazz guitar scales 19Harmonic Major Mode 7 FingeringsWith the knowledge of how to build and apply this mode, youll learn how to play the 7th mode of harmonic majorWhen You Buy You Get• 163 Music examples in TAB and notesTired of seeing incorrect lessons every day on modesThis is the clearest most concise explanation of how modes are used that I've ever readtry to read this shit!!!! which is TRUEEEEE!!!!1 0 jerrame 10 Mar 06, 2015 06:51 AM permalink ↑reply Is his musically necessarily superior because he knows how to write a modal passage? The truth is that knowing the specifics of modes is only useful if you're doing any kind of serious musical analysis or you're writing in multiple key signatures and you have to do some clever modulation to make the transitions coherentIf we change the chords we get Em - F/E - C/E -EmGreat lesson 1 METAL JEFF 62 Aug 29, 2012 12:56 AM permalink ↑reply Its not the "correct" way to use modes, its just one of the waysit's best played over m7b5 chords or half diminished chordsThink of it as the first note your pick should hit 171bf2437f
Matt Warnock

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